Friday, June 10, 2011

Mulch Calculator

I am the product of a high school math teacher (mom) and an engineer (dad).  But somehow, the genetic predisposition to number crunching that should have been mine, wasn't.  I'm a word girl.

I prefer Scrabble to Sudoku.  
Spelling to Subtracting.  
Letters to Lineal Equations.  

But I do have to admit that geometry comes in pretty handy in landscaping.  So this one's for you, Mom and Dad!

Mulch Calculator
1 yard of mulch covers
150 square feet
2 inches deep

Measure the square footage of your beds (length x width).
Divide that number by 150.
That's how much mulch you need in yards.

For example:
RuthAnn has a 50x25 foot landscaping bed 
that she needs to cover in mulch.  
How much mulch should RuthAnn order?

1,250/150 = 8.3
So she would order 8-8.5 yards of mulch.

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