Why Design?

Why bother with Landscape Design?  Why not just run to the local big box store or garden center, grab what looks good (or is on sale) and sock it in the ground?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to plant some flowers, right?  

Well, I can confirm that there is no rocket science involved (quantum physics just isn't my thing), but you may want to invest some time before pulling out the spade and wheelbarrow.  

  • Design makes the difference between a landscape that accentuates your home and one that distracts and devalues it.  HGTV has made millions of dollars on the value of curb appeal.  Don't underestimate what it could do for you.  

  • Landscaping - with or without a design - costs money.  Don't waste money on mistakes.  Think it through once, and you'll reap the benefits for years to come.  Slap it together in an afternoon, and you'll be ripping out and replanting (and re-investing). 

  • You'll maximize your property's potential.  Design helps you determine what priorities you want to accomplish in your yard, and then lay them out thoughtfully.  Laying your plan out on paper enables you to see it before you do it.  This is an opportunity to try out many different solutions before deciding on the perfect fit.  

"But I'm not a gardener", some may argue.  "I don't want to spend my afternoons putzing around in the yard."  Okay, I can respect that.  All the more reason to have a solid design in place.  

No, you don’t have to design.  
But your neighbors will notice.  
You will notice.  
Prospective buyers will notice.  
The plants will notice.  

Why bother with design?

Because Design makes a Difference.

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