Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bloomin' Calendar

A common mistake that homeowners make is failing to plan for a succession of interest.  Translation: spread out the plants' season of interest (i.e. have spring bloomers AND fall color).  You want something looking good in your yard at all times.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter (yes, Winter!).  

This is easy enough to accomplish with a bit of plant research (easily done online) or by asking your friendly local expert (I will happily offer my services).  

A sample North-facing front foundation planting could include:

Serviceberry (tree, spring bloom, summer fruits, fall color)
Boxwood (evergreen, winter interest)
Rhododendron (semi-evergreen shrub, spring bloomer)
Hosta (perennial, spring foliage, summer bloom, summer foliage)
Grape Hyacinth (bulb, early spring bloomer)

This is a very simplistic plant list, but all four seasons of interest are included.

If you already have landscaping, but want to focus on developing more 4-season appeal, I recommend keeping a bloom journal.  Month by month, record which plants are showing off.  When you find empty pockets in your calendar, THAT'S the time to head off to buy whatever's blooming at the nursery.

January -
February - 
March - 
April - 
May - 
June - 
July -
August - 
September -
October - 
November - 
December - 

Stick it on your refrigerator or your calendar and fill it in as the seasons progress.  The winter months may be a bit repetitive with the same evergreens, but having something green to look at is better than just looking at a bunch of sticks popping out of the ground.  And with a bit of research, you may find a few flowering plants for late winter interest.  (No, I'm not sending you on a wild goose chase.  They're really out there.)


mama weez said...

good job! very informative! and non-humiliating!

Hanni said...

This is a great post! I've done a bloom calendar for my flower garden, but not for the front yard landscaping. And really? Flowering plants in the late winter? Can it be? :)

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